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 Lee Cheng
Lee Cheng
Chief Legal Officer, SVP of Corporate Development and Corporate Secretary
 Kenneth Feinberg
Kenneth Feinberg
Administrator GM Ignition Switch Compensation Fund
 Carol Moore
Carol Moore
VP & Executive General Counsel
Hyundai Capital America

Welcome to Chief Legal Officer Exchange

The Chief Legal Officer Exchange is the premier event for Chief Legal Officers for F1000 companies who are responsible for driving strategic growth and global compliance across their organizations. The agenda is focused on major themes animating conversations today with particular emphasis on the continued cybersecurity failures of organizations and the impact on the legal function post breach both in terms of investigations and defending the company, executive officers and Board from lawsuits and shareholder action as well as governance going forward because it was governance and compliance failures which created the conditions for the breaches.

The cybersecurity attacks and breaches over the past 24 months have reached a new threshold, particularly with the Target case, but they also include Wyndham, EBay, JP Morgan, AB Acquisitions, Dairy Queen, Apple (icloud), and Home Depot. The Target case appropriately cost the CIO his job, the CEO was forced to resign and there were recommendations to cast out 70% of the Board for failure to manage risk and protect Target from such a breach, all at a cost no doubt larger than the cost of a CSO or CISO and an appropriately funded team. The JP Morgan breach exposed records of nearly 25% of the US population and 7 million businesses. Home Depot and for that matter any company going forward will carry an extraordinary burden because of what happened earlier with Target and the current cybercrime and cybersecurity trend line. Nothing less than an aggressive cybersecurity posture, and aggressive enterprise security governance and compliance will suffice to defend the organization post incident and anything less will be seen as willful negligence. The by now famous Home Depot defense and disregard for cybersecurity quote of “We sell hammers” will not protect the organization.

While I don’t want to be seen as over-emphasizing enterprise security and the right governance to lead it, I don’t think it can be under-estimated or equivocated. In fact, that is arguably why it is so important. So much of it is so easy to fix before problems arise and save the organization years of litigation and hard and soft costs at a time when legal budgets are static or decreasing, not to mention opportunity costs. What else could the company have done with the time and money spent on such litigation if it had a different enterprise governance and security culture?

Having said that,  the Chief Legal Officer Exchange will also have a more international perspective reflecting the global responsibilities of the Chief Legal Officer and include sessions on FCPA and the Brazilian Anti-Corruption law, legal risk in social media and the mobile environment, doing business overseas, enterprise risk and pre-emptive strategies, new technology and work environments, challenges to due diligence in China, current trends in labor & employment law, work-life balance, and stagnation and innovation in the legal role.

The Chief Legal Officer Exchange provides one of the most credible forums for Chief Legal Officers to share ideas and the real world solutions to many of the challenges that they are facing. The Exchange continues its ongoing tradition of offering cutting-edge, interactive and tailor-made learning opportunities for senior practitioners to gain actionable insights and stay ahead in this ever-changing environment.

Contact us today to find how you might join this dynamic executive level affair.

Bryan St.Laurent
Program Director

What distinguishes this event?

The Chief Legal Officer Exchange presents the opportunity for delegates to network and build partnerships with peer level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations, to build a best practices culture. Our exchange has the following distinguishing features:

  • Brain Weave® discussions
  • Exclusive senior level attendance
  • Strategic conference sessions
  • Customized itinerary
  • One-on-one business meetings

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